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Picostone Basic Review: The Perfect upgrade

The Picostone Basic is one of the emerging Smart Home systems, but is it the best? We explain everything you need to know in our in-depth Picostone Basic review.

Picostone basic

If you’re the type of person who is constantly paranoid about if you left the Fan ON, then Picostone Basic can ease your anxiety. Picostone is one of the first smart home devices that we have tested and it is commercially available in the market. It gave consumers the ability to turn any appliances or light into a smart device by installing Picostone to your home power box. Recently, we got a chance to try Picostone newest smart home automation system, and we had some fun putting it through our tests.


Picostone Basic is a tiny Wi-Fi-based device that fits behind your switchboard and lets you operate a total of four appliances using the Android or iOS devices. The Basic uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection to seamlessly connect your WiFi router, so the Basic can be constantly connected to the network and can be accessed through smartphone from all around the world.

picostone working graph


The Picostone Basic requires one-time installation which can be easily done by yourself using the online guide or by an electrician. One it is installed, setting up Picostone Basic is quick and easy. First, download the Picostone app from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

picostone app on store

Then connect the Basic from the Wi-Fi list and then, open the app and signup with your credentials. You can use Facebook, Gmail or Email ID to register and login to the Picostone application. While the Picostone Basic is directly connected to a smartphone, configure the device by selecting your Wifi router and providing WiFi password. Then click the button to push it to the device. Now, simply disconnect the Picostone Basic from your phone and restart the router. When you open the app, a setup screen will launch to name a room and all the switches. That’s it, we are done and good to go.


In my tests, the Picostone Basic performed flawlessly. Though it takes time to connect with picostone server after opening the app, after a successful connection it responded instantly to ON and OFF commands. Even there is an option to create an additional scene, by which can customize control of appliances with a just single click. If you want to use the traditional switches on switch box, it will definitely work but in an opposite manner. For example, if you have turned the light ON using the Picostone app, then turning the switch to ON state will switch OFF the light. Further, the Picostone does support voice command from Amazon Alexa but lacks Google voice assistant.


The Picostone Basic provides an easy way to control all the appliances and convert them into smart devices that you can control from your smartphone. It offers plenty of scheduling options, supports IFTTT and voice commands with Alexa. It’s also an easy device to install and performed wonderfully in testing. That said, for a price of ₹11,800 the Picostone Basic is a bit expensive for a budget conscious buyers. So finally, it’s your decision, if you are looking to impress your friends or you want to embrace the emerging technology, then it is worth to invest.

Picostone Basic











  • Easy to use
  • Always Online
  • Can controlled from any location


  • Expensive
  • Only 4 appliances can be attached

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