Carriall Vasco Backpack Review: Bagful of Smartness

Travelling in a crowded city like Mumbai with a casual backpack can increase a risk of losing your valuable stuff or damaging delicate gadgets like a laptop, which need to be handled with care. If you’re a daily traveller, you know the importance of the backpack. Carrying expensive and delicate gadgets in your regular backpack is not the smartest way to travel with an ordinary backpack. While our gadgets are getting smarter and expensive, it needs to be protected by a smart backpack which can protect all the precious gadgets from getting stolen.

So, Carriall bought India’s first smart backpack designed for daily commuters with tons of smart features like distance alert via Bluetooth connectivity (Anti-lost), USB charging port, Anti-Theft, Hassle Free Organizer, Water Resistant & Cut Proof. There are two different designed of smart Carriall backpacks – Vasco and Columbus. A few weeks back Carriall approached us to test out their smart backpack. We decided to try out the new Carriall Vasco smart backpack in a blue colour variant. We have been using for the last two weeks and here is our review.

Carriall Vasco Overview

The Carriall Vasco is a smart backpack that fits well for someone who carries multiple expensive gadgets from one point to another. It has features that protect the devices from any danger. It even protects the delicate gadgets like laptop and DSLR from an unwanted crash with other commuters. The bag also ensures that the owner stays organized and always connected. It is indeed an advanced and smart backpack.

Carriall Vasco Features


Carriall Vasco is a backpack designed for daily commuters who travel mostly by public transport. The gadgets need to be protected from getting it stolen. The inner section can only be accessed from its back, which serves as a protection against thefts and pickpocketing. There is another feature which triggers an alert if my bag goes beyond smartphone Bluetooth range. This feature is achieved by a small tiny device which you have to connect with your smartphone Bluetooth. The Bluetooth tracker is included with the backpack. Though we have tested the backpack with tracker connected to my smartphone for two weeks, Carriall claims that the tracker can work for a minimum of 6 months without any battery replacement. The app is available on both Android and iOS platform. After connecting the device with your mobile you will also get to know the location of your bag. And if the bag moves beyond the distance immediately your mobile will alert you. You can also change the alert distance from settings there will be three options Near, Middle and Far.

Carriall Bluetooth tracker

Dust & Scratch Resistant

The Carriall backpack is scratch and cut resistant. To achieve this feature, the bag is made from polyester material. If you are daily travellers then you are relaxed from theft as they can cut your bag to steal your expensive gadgets. And if you are using this bag for trekking then you can be relaxed from scratches and cuts. Thus the Carriall Vasco backpack is highly durable while trekking and travelling in crowded places.

Water Resistant

The material of the backpack is water resistant. Carriall understands very well how gadgets electrical components react to water. If it starts raining on your way home, there is no need to panic. Carriall backpack has it all covered. You can use your bag for all the seasons. So you can be relaxed during the rainy season. As your gadgets will be safe from water.

Pockets & Compartments

The Carriall Vasco has several pockets for various devices which helps one stay organized and protect from getting scratch. I got to know where to find what based on the size and shape. If you generally enjoy packing your stuff in organized fashion, this Carriall backpack has plenty of neat pockets everywhere. There is a special powerbank compartment that has an extended USB port. It means the powerbank can be connected to the USB port and the USB extension is available outside the bag where I can easily charge the smartphone.

Carriall Vasco USB port extension


The Carriall Vasco is one of the most comfortable backpack tested to date in this category. This pack performs very well with loads up to 20 kgs. It has many built-in comfort features, and the backpack’s adjustment features transfer weight from the shoulders to the hips and tailbone. If you are packing great amounts of load, it will do a great job at preventing backaches without leaving you drained.

Final Verdict

So, now comes the hands-on experience. Carriall Vasco stands out as one of the best smart backpacks to be ever made. If you are in the market for a high-quality smart backpack then you should consider the Carriall’s smart backpack. You will definitely get great value for your investment and a lifelong companion. At the end of it all, you will be glad you chose the Carriall’s backpack.

Carriall Vasco











  • Durable Fabric
  • Large Capacity
  • Extra pockets
  • Scratch, Cut & Water Resistant
  • Bluetooth Anti-Theft Tracker


  • Shoulder straps could be longe
  • Limited Colour Options

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