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N-gage app review: A dynamic chat app with all-in-one features


The n-gage app is revolutionary. To justify the statement I would like to start with how easy, accessible and user- friendly this app is, also highlighting the ‘WHY’ of the above statement further below.

Firstly, the tutorial of this app is a little slow though very eloquent in addition to which there are 45 languages available to translate to according to one’s convenience and preference.

The n-gage app single handedly provides all the features you can ever imagine of. It also provides a unique feature through which you can add a little bit of funk to your messages with n-Stickers & n-Cards, or even Chat Makeovers with the feature App Makeovers.

It has not only made sharing across platforms effortless through its multi-platform functionality but has also created a dynamic app with all the features available in one single app.

Let me elaborate on the dynamic aspect of this app by placing emphasis on the various positives offered through the features on this app.

There are almost 8 types or mediums through which messages can be shared across platforms which includes text messaging thus making it feasible for anyone to send a message to someone without a smart phone.

The schedule feature is simply amazing as it is just a onetime feed for a particular event and the required details or message reaches the person on the day of the event. It thus takes care of end-to-end notification without the hassle of keeping track of the required notification. To nullify the situation incase a message was sent incorrectly, the extract feature helps rectify the situation by pulling back the message from the receiver’s phone.

And this is just start to the astounding number of features that they have introduced for the users. Aside for sharing messages, you can also share valuable articles involving suggestive tips with respect to health, lifestyle etc across platforms.

In conclusion I would like to say that this app truly meets all the needs of a user from an Instant Messenger and goes above and beyond through its features thus providing its users with an all-in-one revolutionary app.

Written by Shintu

Tech Blogger by passion & App Developer by Profession. Founder and Former editor-in-chief of GadgetnMore & Gadgetsware blog.

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