Now all can watch favorite TV shows without a fight with Tata Sky Transfer


Recently Tata Sky had launched a new set-top box (STB) which has a recording ability and comes with a Wi-Fi dongle to enable consumers to enjoy recorded content on smartphones and tablets without consuming internet data. Doesn’t that sound cool!!!

There are certain times when your favorite cricket matches clashes with your Mom Saas-Bahu serial timing, and i bet your are on the loosing side. With the launch of Tata Sky Transfer, everyone is a winner. Both can enjoy their own favourite TV shows without a fight.

I am a die-hard cricket fan and a watch all the matches. Sometimes the match timing clashes with my Mom TV show, and i have to skip the match. Now, with Tata Sky Transfer i able to record complete cricket match, while my Mom watch her favorite TV show. Tata Sky Transfer has a built-in massive storage capacity of 500GB, means you can record lot of cricket match, TV shows, Movies etc without running out of space.

To download or live-stream the pre-recorded content, first we need to download Tata Sky app available for Android and iOS platform(sadly not available for Windows platform). Now with the Tata Sky app, i can directly live-stream pre-recorded content on our mobile devices even if the Setup Box is on and my mom is watching her favorite TV show on a television set. One more interesting feature in Tata Sky Transfer is that, i can give a command to record my desired programme by being anywhere outside my homes, through a smartphone, and the Setup Box at home will execute. Once recorded, it can be viewed on the Setup Box or transferred to my smartphone which enable me to watch the content when i am outside.

The new Tata Sky transfer is a must have setup box for all the consumers who spent time outside and still record their favorite TV shows by giving a command using smartphone.Also, you can live-stream pre-recorded content while your family watch their favorite TV shows on a Television.

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