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Creative Sound Blaster Roar review: Premium Bluetooth speaker

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Smartphone speakers are rubbish when it comes to playing music. Only few smartphone has a good sound quality audio but low in  loudness. There is only so much you can ask for from a tiny little speaker, trapped inside a small shell. So, if you want more, you will have to hook up your smartphone to an external speaker.

Of course, if you want something that you can carry with you, you should actually be looking at a portable speaker. An interesting such offering is Creative Roar, which can connect to your smartphone either through a cable, Bluetooth or use as a standalone speaker system to listen to incredible quality audio. Here is what you should know about it.

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Creative Roar 9.49 inches long, 8.15 inches thick and 3.46 inches high and weighs approx 1.7 kg. It’s certainly not small and light, but it feels very well put together. The speaker grills (one on each side) are a metal mesh makes it more sturdy and difficult to damage seakers inside. There is only black color version available.

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It has a bi-amplified design for better frequency separation from the bass to the highs, there is a whopping 6000mAH rechargable battery that promises an 8 hour life and it can be also use as a portable powerbank to charge your smartphone. It has a integrated mini SD card slot, an intergrated microphone for voice calls and voice recording, various wireless connectivity modes, a micro USB slot for connecting the ROAR to your PC or laptop, a USB out for charging your phone and a 3.5mm jack aux input.

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Connectivity wise, the Sound Blaster Roar offers a host of options – Bluetooth, NFC and 3.5mm auxiliary. Pairing it over Bluetooth was a few seconds job, also makes it more easy using NFC and the speaker automatically detected the paired smartphone when turned on next time. It supports two Bluetooth connections simultaneously, which means you don’t have to free Bluetooth pairing while connecting it to a second device.

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Internally, the Sound Blaster Roar features two high frequency drivers and one subwoofer unit, and its bass playback capabilities are pretty impressive. Its on-board digital signal processor is capable of using two nifty bits of Creative Labs tech – the ROAR and TeraBass modes. In ROAR mode, the overall output of the speaker is increased. Creative Labs claims this is to help fill the room with sound in the case of a party, presentation, etc. TeraBass is a really cool feature which counteracts the loss of bass during low volume playback. Of course, the Sound Blaster Roar also features a micro SD card reader, built-in audio recorder, MP3 player, and speakerphone function – all of which you will find a use for at some point.

Finally, let’s talk about price. The version that I have tested currently available at Amazon India for Rs. 13,999. Those who would want a speaker that fills a room with quality sound this can be a great buy for you. It is also best for those who would keep it in the room rather than take it with them on a daily basis. Compared to other Bluetooth speakers we have covered, Creative Sound Blaster Roar offers great value for money, seeing that it’s very well built, sounds good and offers solid battery life.


Creative Roar











  • High quality wireless audio
  • TeraBass feature sounds incredible
  • Sleek and Novel Design
  • Speakerphone


  • Heavy Portable speaker
  • Low Bass performance

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