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Google open the doors of Google House to showcase latest products & innovations


Today Google open the doors of the “Google House” — a showcase of the latest product innovations from Google. Event feature a demonstrations of Google Search, Maps, Photos, Translate and YouTube apps. Celebrities discussed how Google’s mobile products make their lives a little easier.

As Sandeep Menon, Google Country Marketing Director explains “Indians are coming online from mobile devices at an incredibly rapid rate — six to seven million new mobile internet users every month. Today’s event is about showcasing how we’re working to make our products relevant and useful for India, and how smartphones have evolved to become the best personal assistant you’ve never had. Whether you need to get directions 10 minutes before your next meeting, a step by step recipe to make an impression, or a way to never be late to the airport again, Google can help keep you connected to the people and information that you care about.”

Key Highlights from the mobile-focused demonstrations at the Google House included:

  • A hands-on showcase of the Google Translate app. Recently launched in Hindi, instant translate helps you break through language barriers by instantly translating printed text, like street signs or ingredient lists by opening the app on your phone and pointing your camera at the text.


  • Showcase of the Google Photos app which automatically backup photos and videos from your devices. People around the world uploading 1.8 billion photos every day, including 93 million selfies. Google Photo offers unlimited, free storage.
  • An demonstrations of recent Search like faster and lighter search results for people accessing the web from a mobile device with a slow connection like 2G. Voice Search updates has been optimised for English in the Indian accent and in Hindi to make finding answers to your questions faster, easier and more local.
  • And overview of recent offline features, like the ability to save Maps for offline usage when you might not have a connection. Or YouTube Offline, which enables you to watch videos without paying for your expensive mobile data, even when you don’t have a connection.


Photography stars Dabboo Ratnani & Anushka Menon

For celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani, Bollywood is where home is and photography a way of life. “While photography is a way of life for me, what’s also important is making sure my clientele has easy and early access to the photos I take of them. I’m always on the move so it is important for me to have access to a good photo editor and for me to be able to search through and find a particular photo shoot quickly enough. Google Photos has both of these features easily available to access in terms of a great editor and the cool new Assistant feature. These have become my favourites today!”

Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur

Commenting on his use of Google Search, celebrated chef Kunal Kapur says, “I travel the world meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and of course, searching for new ingredients and culinary experiences. Sometimes when I travel I don’t even know the name of the ingredients I see in the local markets and Google Image search helps me find out what it is exactly. Another great feature is the abundance of recipes online. I still remember days when I looked through my grandma’s book of recipes. Today, all I do is search online and find a treasure trove of so many recipes sent in by users from their families. And I use Google Now to keep everything organized. It has become my constant companion and has made managing a multi time-zone life much easier while Google Photos helps me archive and share my experiences instantly.”

YouTube comedian Karan Talwar

As YouTube funny man Karan Talwar explains “One of the best things that Google has done for its consumers is providing them the ‘YouTube Offline’ option. This helps my viewers access my videos easily and also helps everyone view their favourite videos anytime, anywhere without a data connection. I myself save a lot of videos offline for viewing to avoid buffering and save time.”

Written by Shintu

Tech Blogger by passion & App Developer by Profession. Founder and Former editor-in-chief of GadgetnMore & Gadgetsware blog.

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