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Opera Max launches Data Saving app in India and Bangladesh

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Opera Max’s free data-management & data-saving app from Opera Software finally made its debut in India and Bangladesh today. Its available for downloaded from the Google Play store. Opera Max shrinks videos and photos across most apps on mobile data connections as well as on Wi-Fi, so that users can get the most out their data plans and more control over their data usage.

What does Opera Max offer?

  • Easy data management & savings
  • Fast and efficient web experience
  • Block apps & prevent data leakage
  • Watch more video

How does Opera Max work?

Once Opera Max is installed, it instantly starts compressing and re-routing data using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the data-savings cloud. All non-encrypted data requests (excluding websites and apps with HTTPS connections) are sent through Opera’s compression servers, which optimize video, images and websites to use less data.

Opera Max’s timeline displays app usage and data savings on a monthly or daily basis. The timeline shows data-usage statistics and savings by individual app, as well as overall.

Opera takes privacy very seriously. Opera Max doesn’t optimize any data sent using encrypted connections; a user’s private data is forwarded directly to the desired destination instead of being proxied through the Opera Max savings cloud. For more information, please review Opera’s Privacy Statement.

Opera Max can be downloaded from the Google Play store today

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