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GIGABYTE is World’s First Adopter of New Intel USB 3.1 Premium I/O Controller

GIGABYTE proudly announce its 100 Series motherboards is the world’s first to feature the new Intel USB 3.1 premium I/O controller onboard, for the best I/O solution over Type-C connector. The new Intel 6th Generation Core processor ready motherboards from GIGABYTE sports Intel USB 3.1 premium I/O controller to offer more protocol compatibility than any other I/O controller, such as USB 3.1, and in the future, DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity and Thunderbolt 3. All of this is achieved over the new popular reversible Type-C connector, making connectivity widely compatible.

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Fast Transfer Support on Intel USB 3.1 Controller

Using PCIe Generation 3 x4 lanes from the chipset and Display connectivity from the processor, the USB 3.1 controller from Intel is capable of delivering a total bandwidth of 40 Gb/s. When configured to handle dual USB 3.1 connectivity either through the Type-C or Type-A connector, then USB 3.1 controller can deliver true simultaneous and uninterrupted 10 Gb/s bandwidth over both the ports, making GIGABYTE motherboards the best USB 3.1 solution.

Connector Reversible, Powerful and Versatile using Type-C connector

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Large number of devices are now featuring the new Type-C connector, making it a very popular solution for external storage mounting, monitor connectivity, mobile device charging and connectivity. Featured on the soon to be released next generation of GIGABYTE 100 Series motherboards, the new Type-C connector can be configured to support USB 3.1, which offers 10Gb/s transfer speeds and backward compatibility to USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices and in future Thunderbolt 3 support, capable of handling ultrafast 40Gb/s transfer speed over a single wire for daisy chaining of up to 12 Thunderbolt devices as well as dual DisplayPort 1.2 capable 4K/60P monitors simultaneously. To make user’s life more simple, the USB Type-C is also a reversible connector which gives a undeniable advantage when it comes to plugging in your devices to the back of your PC where visibility and ease of access is often limited. To top it all off, the controller supports USB Power Delivery 2.0, so that the USB Type-C can be used to power/charge your next generation devices such as Notebooks or Tablets.

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